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WATER Project Appreciation Ceremony in Perak Past Event

Date: 20-Oct-2018 to 20-Oct-2018
Venue: Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites

SPARK Foundation's Water Stewardship Agenda Launch Past Event

Date: 21-Jul-2018 to 21-Jul-2018
Venue: Sg.Penchala Information Centre, PJ
Organizer: SPARK Foundation & GEC

River Management Workshop for Sg Way Youths Past Event

Date: 18-Dec-2017 to 18-Dec-2017
Venue: Sungai Penchala Information Centre

Nature Art/Craft Workshop at Sg Penchala Information Centre Past Event

Date: 16-Dec-2017 to 16-Dec-2017
Venue: Sg Penchala Information Centre

Sungai Kinta Annual RCEC Open Day Past Event

Date: 10-Dec-2017 to 10-Dec-2017
Venue: Sg Kinta RCEC, Buntong, Ipoh

RIver Walk IV (2-Year Anniversary Special) Past Event

Date: 09-Dec-2017 to 09-Dec-2017
Venue: Sungai Penchala Open Classroom, Bukit Kiara

Sg Kinta RCEC Nature Art/Craft Workshop Past Event

Date: 09-Dec-2017 to 09-Dec-2017
Venue: Sg Kinta RCEC, Buntong, Ipoh
Organizer: GEC, KRT Buntong 3 & 4, RIVER Ranger Buntong

Refurbishment & Beautification of Sungai Way Community Information Centre Past Event

Date: 11-Nov-2017 to 11-Nov-2017
Venue: Desa Mentari

3rd River Walk: MyCDNet River Pollution Training of Trainers Day 2 Past Event

Date: 09-Nov-2017 to 09-Nov-2017
Venue: BAKTI Siti Hasmah Buidling; Sungai Penchala Open Classroom

SS20 Central Community MyDrain Day Past Event

Date: 28-Oct-2017 to 28-Oct-2017
Venue: SS20 Central Zone Field, Jalan SS20/12
Organizer: SS20 Central Residential Association

RIVER Ranger Training of Trainers for Universities/Colleges in Kinta River Basin Past Event

Date: 28-Oct-2017 to 28-Oct-2017
Venue: UTAR Lecture Theatre, Sungai Kampar

2nd River Walk Event at Sungai Penchala Open Classroom Past Event

Date: 30-Sep-2017 to 30-Sep-2017
Venue: Bukit Kiara Hill Walk

World Rivers Day 2017: River Challenge @ Ipoh Car-Free Day Past Event

Date: 24-Sep-2017 to 24-Sep-2017
Venue: Jalan Raja Dihilir, Ipoh

The Hidden Gems of Bukit Kiara Past Event

Date: 29-Aug-2017 to 29-Aug-2017
Venue: Women's Institute of Management
Organizer: Friends of Bukit Kiara. WATER Project, Malaysian Nature Society, GAB Foundation

River Care We Care Training for Universities/Colleges Past Event

Date: 12-Aug-2017 to 12-Aug-2017
Venue: Room D, Excel International College, Seksyen 14, Petaling Jaya

Training of Trainers for Penchala Communities: River Care Briefing Past Event

Date: 29-Jul-2017 to 29-Jul-2017
Venue: Sungai Penchala Information Centre

TTDI Earth Day Event Exhibition Past Event

Date: 21-May-2017 to 21-May-2017
Venue: Taman Rimba Kiara
Organizer: TTDI

River Management Workshop with SMK(P) Seri Aman International Students Past Event

Date: 17-Apr-2017 to 17-Apr-2017
Venue: Sungai Penchala Information Centre

RCEC Ipoh Exhibition (Penchala & Kinta Projects) Past Event

Date: 04-Apr-2017 to 04-Apr-2017
Venue: RCEC Kinta, Buntong, Ipoh

World Water Day 2017: Launch of Waste Segregation and Oil & Grease Trap Initiative in SS2 Food Court Past Event

Date: 27-Mar-2017 to 27-Mar-2017
Venue: SS2 Basketball Court
Organizer: GAB Foundation, MBPJ, GEC

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